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For Honor

Year 8 Vision
Work date

For the eighth year of For Honor, the team tasked us with coming up with a fresh approach to their classic “Vision trailer” formula. We thus had the idea of shooting the interviews out of Ubisoft’s studios, in a location relevant to the weapon-centric themes of the year: a medieval weapons and armors shop! The on-site interviews were then edited with b-roll shot on the shop’s floor, relevant gameplay footage and cool mograph, creating a nice dynamic and balanced 5-minute video. Additionally, we created the year’s Key Art, blending together the themes of the forge, the weapons and the warriors wielding them. 

What we did
  • Ideation
  • Script
  • Direction of interviews
  • In-game capture
  • Edit
  • Motion Design
  • Post-production and VFX
  • Audio design and mix

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