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For Honor

Official Key Art and 'What is For Honor' trailer
Work date

We worked closely with For Honor’s marketing team to bring a breath of fresh air to the game through two complimentary projects. First, we reimagined the game’s main key art with punchier colors and more dynamic heroes inviting players to battle. Then, we created an explicative trailer summarizing For Honor’s strengths and USPs, and targeting an audience looking for intense fights, competition, and iconic characters. This trailer required some heavy editing, motion design and capture work to make sure that footage shown would represent the game’s experience while being as impressive and thrilling as possible. 

What we did


  • Ideation
  • Script
  • In-game capture
  • Edit
  • Post-production and VFX
  • Motion Design
  • Sound design



  • Ideation
  • Creative direction

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